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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a christmas delivery. a mother goes into labor on septa. it is a christmas riders and two police officers won't soon forget. good etching, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. a miracle on 15th street. a woman gaif birth tonight on a septa train. two officers came and delivered the boy on the market frank ford line. nbc 10 talked to the officers who jumpbed into action. >> it was a special delivery here at the 15th street stop when it all happened on a market-frankford el train.
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>> they toox very good care of it. it was also pretty amazing for these officers who were awesome fathers. >> it was a blessing. it was a best christmas i ever had. >> as for mom and baby, they were taken to the hospital and told they were in good condition. that was the latest in good condition.
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>> with a pretty gusty wind. gusts up 40 miles abe an hour. well, femptures now, 40 degrees. 39 degrees in some of the suburbs. so it's a chilly night. it's not anything substantial for this time of the year just compared to last night. it's a cool one. but, by 8:00 a.m., 36 degrees in philadelphia, about 30 in the suburbs. going up near 50 by noontime. so temperatures tomorrow will be boef average. it's not going to stay that way. i'll tell you about the return to winter with the 7 day in a few minutes. now, if you just got a new iphone or a tablet for christmas, well, make sure you download the nbc 10 weather app. get updated forecasts any time. go to or search nbc10 weather app. >> the spiritual leader of the roman catholic church said christmas is a time to remember
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neglected children and the poory a crowd of tens of thousands in saint peter's square. the pope spoke about children who suffer violence on a recent attack on a military school. francis also spoke out gens the persecution of ancient communities in iraq and syria. >> christmas, of course, is a full-time of traditions and for many here at home, today, began at church. nbc 10 at the cathedral basilica of st.s peter and paul where worshippers began to celebrate this morning. when you think of foster families, you usually imagine children. but this christmas, one elderly veter ran is happier and healthier, thanks to a family who opened their doors and their hearts to it. george spencer found out the wilmington va's new program meets a growing need.
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for pam davis and her husband, their new foster adoptee follows a bit slower behind with his cane. 76-year-old wilbur bently joins their family just weeks ago, a big improvement for the navy veteran. >> you spent last christmas alone. >> yeah, i did. yeah. >> all by yourself. >> yeah. >> reporter: years ago, he served on the u.s.s. barnett. after he retired, his health detearuate euated. >> that was my first quest for being born. >> tim davis worked as a nurse for years. she and her husband were the first to sign up for the wilmington v.a.'s medical foster home program, an alternative to vets. nowadays, davis is still a care giver for bentley. but in the 23578ly's kitchen on this night, we could see bently already feels a much deeper
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bond. >> everything is like a family. >> family, you know. >> and, as the d.a.'s new program gets started, davis hopes other families will sign up and help live out her christmas message. >> we all have something to offer. it's one hand helping another. we all have something to offr >> becoming a medical foster home care giver is obviously quite a commitment. and care givers here in delaware are required to have a license. the d.a. says the need is only growing. reporting in wilmington, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> today, coast guard recruits at the jersey shore found a home away from home. families welcomed more than 300 recruits from christmas celebrations. the recruits got timeoff from their eight week boot camp. nelson served up food to four recruits. today, one found out some particularly exciting news.
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>> the program is called operation fire side, coordinated by the american red cross. it's now in its 33rd year. after two days of delays and cancellations because of bad weather, most flights seem to be on time at philadelphia international tonight. travelers arrive at the destination excited to see family and friends this christmas. people we spoke with said the airports weren't too crowded today. president obama and the first lady addressed the nation during the president's weekly address. christmas and the families of service members in afghanistan were on their minds. >> after a long day, we can come home because they're willing to leave their families and deploy. we didn't celebrate the holidays because they're willing to miss their own. >> and so as our troops continue to transition back home, back to our businesses, our schools, our
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congresses and our communities. it's up to all of us to serve them as well as they served us. >> the first family is vacationing right now in hawaii until the new year. >> former president george h.w. bush is wishing everyone a merry christmas from his hospital room tonight. the 41est president has been in a houston hospital since tuesday after having shortness of the breath.wmu he'll spend at least one more night in the hopt. tonight, his office released this statement. president bush had another terrific day and is in great spirits. he asked that his sincere wishes for a very merry christmas be extended to one and all. here at home, new at 11:00, a man is shot as he picked up his girlfriend in the home of a nicetown section of philadelphia tonight. police say someone fired at least six shots at the 22 yierld victim near 17th and pike streets. he tried to roll under his car to protect himself, but he was hit in the torso. his girlfriend wasn't hurt. he was recovering now at temple university hospital. so far, police have not made an
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arrest. >> a valley driver ended up on the hood of a woman's car afterc police say she tried to run him over. police say michelle simons pulled up to the seasons 52 restaurant in upper merion last night and stole a valet driver's cell phone when another valet confronted her, she allegedly hit the gas. the valet hit the hood of her car and hung on to the windshield. simmons is now charged withfr.ç aggravated assault, robbery and d.u.i. in new york city, witnesses say a man talked about killing police officers and, tonight, the n e n.y.p.d. arrested that man for making a threat. police later found two guns, stwo bullet proof vests and brass knuckles inside the man's apartment in queens. his arrest comes just days after two n police officers were gunned down. a show of christmas spirit
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and collected as much as $15,00 in gift cards for the husband and daughter. the friend also received about 600 gifts from people around the country. that's not all. a web site raised 480,0 $0 for the family. her two sons also died in the plane crash that hit her gaithersburg, maryland home earlier this month. the florida developer trying to form the former revel hotel wants a discount. attorneys said in a court filing yesterday that the property should be sold for $87 million, not the 95.4 million runner up bid put in at auction. the toronto-based firm won the auction for 110 million but backed out when it couldn't dissolve the dispute. next at 11:00, sold out. the first reviews are in. as people rush to see the movie the interview. also, a christmas wish is granted for a south jersey girl.
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>> and incredibly warm christmas eve and christmas day, but it's going to start feeling like winter in the seven-day forecast. we'll see how that's going to affect a new year with the seven-day forecast in gist a few minutes.
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every showing of the movie "the interview" somd out today. movie goalers flock to see the interview, despite its limited release and if sieb the cyber threats designed to keep them away. nbc 10 spoke with several people who saw the film today and said it's an active defiance against north korea which the u.s. blames for hacking sony pictures. >> it sets a bad precedent that other hackers can achieve their goals. >> and cinema's general manager says there were plenty of to the
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best of my knowledge et ts available tomorrow for the interview. but the problems right-hand turn over for sony just yet. the company was flooded today because of a problem with its play station. users have been unable to access the on lyme gaming expert. microsoft was having the same problem with its xbox live. a hacker claimed responsibility for both attacks. george washington made his christmas day trip across the delaware river with considerably better weather than the first time around. reenactors cross the delaware from washington crossing in bucks county. washington and his troopszzt fa snow and freezing temperatures during their actual journey more than 230 years back. the complete op silt today. >> i have been wanting to come out here for years and years and years. we decided that today was going to be the day. it's a beautiful day for the crossing. >> the original crossing was in 17767. it hauled 2400 soldier jers, 200
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horses and 18 cannons across the delaware. the comcast holiday spectacular is another christmas tradition. every year the show is displayed on the 2100 square foot screen in the comcast center lobby. this includes a new carolling of the bells. c, mcast, the parent company of nbc 10. ÷ college stunt in atlantic city proved how one person really can make a difference. you're looking at the williams family opening gifts from under the christmas tree. but that would not have been possible without elijah lankford. they dded to buy presents for 20 less fortunate children around the area. >> it's all forgiving, it's all about love. that's what elijah is all about,
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all about trying to help someone in any way he can. >> i just felt like i've got to do something. i if he wanted like if i could do it at 22, there should be a lot of other people doing it, as well. >> he said he used a lot of his own money but also had some generous donors who helped him pull this whole thing off. >> a special four-legged krigs mas delivery in south jersey today. >> merry christmas from san tan. this is lucy. >> the cumberland county spca surprised gio with this three-month old puppy named lucy. she had written santa a after her dog, prince, passed away. the girl's mother said prince comforted gio. >> the love was unbelievable for each other. and she wants him -- she wants a little piece of her heart. so, i knew that she needed this.
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gio wasn't the only one who got a surprise this christmas. lots of loving going around. there we all get attached to our pets, don't we, glen? a nice night to walk the dog if you have to tonight. >> yeah, we've seen some really rough weather this time of the year. but not this year. skies are clear, the wind is dying down and it's a beautiful night. we've got a couple of really pleasant days coming, unless you like cold and snow. and you might get some of that next week. colder night font. that's for sure. and a mild weekend. it's not going to be 65 like it was at 2:00 this morning. but it's going to be pretty mild for this time of the year. but it is going to feel like winter next week and probably we have clear skies now. no longer 65 degrees. we're down to 40. the winds down to t e 9 miles an hour. now we've got a windchill. 34 degrees. and it's in this 30s in some of the suburbs. again, a little bit of wind.
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and it's feeling more like december out there. we haven't seen much of that. look at this, 20-25 degrees colder than at this time last night. that is pretty amazing.:d and we have a west wind. it's brought in the cooler weather. it's also brought in the drier weather. the winds now, below 10 miles an hour everywhere except in the poconos. now, we've got clear skies up and down the east coast. we had some clouds around the great lakes. but no precipitation anywhere nearby. fuelled snow flurries in wisconsin. but no big storms in the country. there's going to be a lot of action in the southwestern states. it might snow in las vegas the next couple of days. but, other than that, things are fairly quiet. we have high pressure on the east coast, going to k50e7 things nice and sunny for friday and saturday. and then, as the high moves offshore and the cold front approaches, it's going to be mild.
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it's going to be well in the 150s 50s. as this front comes in, during the day on sunday, that's when we see some showers. not a whole lot of rain. but some rain showers. then, the front goes down. the colder air comes in. and then this area of low pressure may ride along that front and brings the precipitation up on monday. and it may be cold enough to change any rain to a bit of a wintry mix, some sleet and maybe even a little bit of snow before it's all over with. not a major storm, but it could be a nuisance kind of thing. and the mild air, that's going to be leaving us next week. the arctic air starts coming back into the country and, yeah, well, wintertime. at least for a while. for tonight, clear and much colder. 36 along philadelphia. 29 north and western suburbs as the windy minishes. then, tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. much less wind than today. we had gusts of 40 miles an hour.
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and that temple cher eture is about 10 degrees above average. then it's 58 degrees on saturday. sunday, that's when we get the showers. and then it gets colder. monday, we have rain changing to a wintry mix, at least possibly in parts of the area. and then it is cold. the rest of the week, we could get some snow flurries or snow showers for the new year. and high temperatures in the 30s. that's a long way from 65 degrees that we had this morning. >> back to feeling like winter. >> yeah, the change. december kind of mild over all. >> thanks, glen. rhone, some hoops on this holiday. >> yes, the struggling lakers played for the 16th consecutive and maybe the last year on christmas. and lebron returns to miami. and chip kelly has to evaluate. hear what he has to say when we come back.
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hi, i'm ron burke on comcast sports net. sunday give the last jiebt to eagle's number one if he gets the opportunity. smith has played just 6le e 8 snaps in eight games. chip kelly says it's too soon to evaluate this year's draft picks. >> sometimes after a year, it's tough to evalwait an entire draft class just because of situations. guys come in and are really good at the positions you have. it doesn't mean that that guy's not a good football player, it just means you've got guys on your roster at that spot. >> hofstra university ahead of penn state at yankee's stadium.
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it's penn state's first bowl after sanctions occurred following the jerry sandusky saga were lifted early. the sixers are back in action tomorrow, they will try for a third consecutive win when they take on the trailblazers out in portland. nba today, lebron back in miami for the first time he joined the cavaliers. lebron breaking in the fourth. he hangs on the rim and draws a technical foul. dewayne wade would win this reunion. the heat take care of the cavaliers, 101-91. no kobe bryant for the lakers as thaw visit chicago bulls. and chicago had plenty of derek rhodes. his first time since christmas, 2011. the bull's victory, 113-93.
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wiz ands at the knickk. right into by quincy acey in the fourth quarter. he then throws a forearm at wall. acey is ejected, wahl draws a technical foul, the wizards win 102-91. russel wesbrook with a drive and put okc up 11. spurs, though, fight back. matt bonn nor was the team-high 17. finishes with a slam to put san antonio up five. but ÷ñúrwesbrook was too tough. father or mother lowing 40 in his last game. also, 11 assists for the thunder point man and a 114-106 oklahoma city victory. that's sports. we'll be right back. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number. so this warm weather
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continues for a little bit longer. >> yeah u it's kind of mild. >> well, i used the word warm, i think of it as warm. >> we were warm last night. >> yeah. >> okay. 65 degrees 2:00 this morning. then, the afternoon, we were in the 50s. but, still, the average high is 43. so, tonight, going down to 36, it's not that cold for late december. but compared to the way it was last night, it's a different story. then, for 20r78, much less wind. we had gusts of 40 miles an hour today. we might have a gust at 10 tomorrow. and the high temperature, about 10 degrees above average. it's still on the relatively mild side all the way through sunday and we get some shower only sunday. and then things get a little more interesting next week. certainly colder. there's just no doubt about that. most of the country is going to be getting a real cold blast as we go into next week. so we have a chance of rain changing to some wintry mix or even a little bit of snow on monday. and then we'll see how cold air
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sets up for new year's day, maybe some snow flurries. >> could be chilly new year's eve. >> it will definitely be cold new year's eve. >> that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. for glen and all of us here, merry christmas. see you tomorrow. blaeng blank is there an elk in your bed?
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi goldberg, rashida jones, chef tom colicchio


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